Terms of sale

On this page you will find all the instructions for making your online purchase. For any questions or information about it, do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address: info@motor-point.com.

How do you buy?

Once you have accessed the shop, the list of products will be on the right. Do the following:

  1. Select the product you intend to purchase;
  2. Proceed with the purchase by pressing the ‘BUY’ button, after having established the quantity;
  3. After pressing the ‘BUY’ button, a dialog box will open to add the product to the cart;
  4. If you intend to purchase other items, simply repeat the operation described in point 2;
  5. After inserting the last item in the cart, click on the ‘CART’ button in the left menu, and you will access the shopping cart with the report of your order;
  6. To continue the order, click on the ‘ORDER’ button which will contain the order summary, the fields for filling in personal data and data relating to the shipment; then choose the payment methods;
  7. Once you have entered the data necessary to proceed with the purchase of the products, click on the ‘SEND ORDER’ button;
  8. Once the purchase order has been confirmed, the order confirmation screen will appear, depending on the payment method chosen.